Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 00 - What *is* this anyway?

The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas is a celebration of Star Trek fandom, held every year since 2007 that delivers to all Star Trek fans, throughout the world, regardless of race, colour or creed a present, entirely free and without obligation. least that's the principle behind it anyway!

In fact it has quite often failed to deliver 'gifts' on every day - in some years many of the days! - but every year I, Kirok of L'Stok, and my stalwart friends keep trying! Last year we came within a whisker of being on schedule and this year... this year, we'll do it!

...or go down trying!!!

What constitutes a 'present'? As with all gifts, it is the thought that counts! Basically we revolve around Star Trek fan productions, creative works made by Star Trek fans that, because we do not own the copyrights to the material that we work with, we can only give away. You've probably known about one form of fan production for ages, fan fiction, and some of the highest profile fan productions, fan films have received widespread mainstream media coverage.

In every case we hope that you enjoy what we have to offer and if not we will cheerfully give you a refund on the no-charge that it cost you! This is meant to be fun but it has a deeper meaning as well. One of the things that has always given Star Trek its international appeal has been the fact that it has tried to be socially responsible whilst dealing with morally and ideologically challenging themes. It has spawned a philosophy that started as a fictional construct that has now become recognised as a symbol for tolerance and brotherhood amongst all beings - IDIC: "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations".

We hope you will join with us, Star Trek fans in all our diversity and combinations, in sharing our enjoyment of our fandom, even if it is only for twelve days!

Your friend in fandom

Kirok of L'Stok

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