Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 03 - Trek Music

Original CGI opening credits for Star Trek: Grissom by Bodo Hartwig

The musical track of an audio dramas is starting to be recognised to be of immense importance, I know of one that is hit a temporary halt because they have lost their composer and are looking for another. The audio track of a fan film is starting to take on an even greater importance, not least because, as an original product of the composer and musicians, it can be offered for sale.

The musical accompaniment, whether it is to an audio or video production, subconsciously sets the mood of a scene, adds subtle, unspoken hints of danger or suspense and, by the means of personal themes, enhances the presence of specific characters. Is it any wonder that fan producers prize the contribution of their composers? Luckily musicians are notoriously ruled by their passions and Star Trek fan productions are lucky to be connected with artists ranging from talented garage bands to professionals in the entertainment industry.

Knowing the contribution they make, it's only fitting that we acknowledge them here with this listing of composers, musicians and groups that, to a large extent, lies behind the success of many of our favourite fan productions. If they are independent artists, check out their other work, if they are amateurs comment on their Facebook, YouTube or website. We owe them a debt of gratitude for our productions would be immensely the poorer without them.

ST: Intrepid, Orphans of War, Operation Beta Shield
Professional composer, remixer and arranger - great info on audio engineering on his website.

ST: The Helena Chronicles, Operation Beta Shield

ST: Odyssey, ST: Federation One
California-based professional composer, conductor and orchestrator. IMDB

ST: Odyssey
San Francisco-based multi-media artist best known for his work on Eggshelland.

ST: Intrepid

ST: Federation One, Project: Potemkin, ST: Lexington, ST: New Homelands
Bermuda-born but now UK-based, Steve is an enthusiastic contributor to a number of Star Trek fan films.

Playlist of Star Trek music by Steve Gallant

ST: Excelsior
An award-winning composer from Alabama, he has written several pieces for piano and mixed ensemble, a comic one-act operetta, and serves as the staff composer for the audio drama series Excelsior, authoring the theme, a musical episode, and a considerable volume of incidental music!

ST: Eras
A long-term friend of the co-producers of Star Trek Eras, Matt creates custom-made soundscapes for nearly all of TWERPs audio dramas.

ST: Intrepid, ST: Odyssey, Voyages of the U.S.S. Angeles, ST: Diplomatic Relations, ST: Grissom
Bodo has been a tireless worker on various Star Trek fan films since his musical work and acting on the first Starship Intrepid movie! Listen to his opening credits for Star Trek Grissom at the head of this page.

Starship Farragut, ST: Osiris, ST: The Helena Chronicles, Tossed Upon the Shore
Hetoreyn's score for the Star Trek: Farragut episode, "The Price of Anything" was featured on FSM Online the industry's premiere film music resource. It is available on iTunes and cdbaby where you can get his earlier album for Farragut "For Want of a Nail".

Henglaar, M.D.

Star Trek: Red Squad
The co-producer of this animation has also written most of the theme music as well.

Star Trek: Phoenix Cloak & Dagger Part I

ST: Outpost

ST: The Helena Chronicles

ST: Defiant
Incidental piano music.

Star Trek: The Continuing Mission
Co-producer of Star Trek: The Continuing Mission, has also created some evocative work as incidental music for their episodes. Andy's work is an especially good example of how music can be timed and themed to support the dialog - understandable since the creator is the producer!

Other Composers, Groups and Productions

For your cultural edification! Music and dance in the original Klingon!

A project started by three fans of Gary Seven, the charismatic scifi secret agent introduced in the Star Trek TOS episode, Assignment Earth, which is fan-made theme music for the spin-off TV series about him that was planned but never made.

Indianapolis' 24th Century Klingon Opera Ensemble, il Troubadore, known on the planet Qo'noS as bomwI'pu' has been performing tlhIngan QoQ (Klingon music) live since 2009. This dynamic group of live classical performers perform Klingon music with cello, mandolin, percussion, clarinet, vocals and dance. Facebook YouTube Twitter

A fun and talented rock group who also happen to be Star Trek fans! They have made it their "five year mission" to write a song for every episode of The Original Series and are currently on year 2! Facebook Youtube Twitter

Not music but the first play to be performed entirely in the Klingon language by the  Commedia Beauregard which has produced the play for the last four years in Minnesota and Chicago. YouTube. Facebook

Special mention should also be made of those charitable composers who place some, if not all of their work on line under the creative commons license,making it possible for amateurs to use them without charge as long as the creators are credited. This is a great concept for fostering collaborative, creative projects and the first name that springs to mind is Kevin McLeod and his website Kevin's work, large and small, has become almost a standard resource for sound editors because of the wide range of themes and their consistant quality... and for $5 per song you can use it royalty free! (See also

Emmett, commander of the Star Trek fan club, the USS Blackheart, and a Star Trek producer in his own right, released 'Honorbound', an album of music inspired by the Klingon Empire, in April. Available now on Amazon MP3. Facebook

’u’, billed as "The first authentic Klingon opera on Earth" is based on the epic legend of "Kahless the Unforgettable", a messianic figure in the fictional Klingon history.It successfully premiered at The Hague on 10/09/10 but they recently announced that they are going to close their run at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin on the 22/02/13 for one night only!. Wikipedia Facebook